Targeting Customers on Facebook


If you are businessman, or are involved in any other kind of service-based profession, gaining clients is your top priority. With a huge clientèle, you are guaranteed an increase in your revenue and increasing revenue is the aim of most businesses. One way to achieve this objective and attract more clients to your business is through marketing.

Online marketing has become one of the most popular forms of marketing today as it focuses on familiarizing people all over the world with your particular products and services. Social media is one of the emerging authorities in online marketing and presents several viable marketing options to businesses since the average internet surfer will spend some quality time everyday socializing with friends or exploring social media. For this reason many persons have exploited this avenue as it provides a relatively easy opportunity for marketers to market themselves. Facebook is one such social site that is targeted by many for its numerous advertising and marketing offerings.

Many Facebook users find it hard to grow their following on Facebook. This leads them to accept friend requests from people they have not met. The need to increase friends also causes many people to go searching for persons with likes and interests that are associated with a particular niche. The idea of developing a following is to allow persons to be able to communicate on the same level. It is therefore important for you to go after a target group that is expressly interested in what you are offering. Some of the effective ways of targeting customers on Facebook is through the use of Custom Audience, Face Sniper and Graph Search.

If you run a business or profession, you definitely have a database that has information on your clients. This information includes their home address, phone contacts as well as email addresses. You can use therefore use these email addresses for your clients to reach them through Facebook. Indeed, all you need to do is to collect their email addresses and use a feature known as custom audience. With this tool, you will upload your clients’ email addresses on Facebook to generate their user names or a custom audience. When you succeed in locating them on the site, you can then target them with particular advertisements, posts or content designed to reach this custom audience. There is a high likelihood that your custom audience will like your posts and join your fan page because they have experience with your brand or service.

Assuming you do not have an established audience, there is a way for you to get information on users who like pages that are related to your niche. Graph search is a Facebook feature that allows you to generate a target audience for your fan page. You will firstly need to identify the Facebook pages that belong to products or services similar to your own. Next, you run a search to find out the pages that their fans, for example “ the pages liked by users who like…”. After you have gathered enough information regarding your target group, your next step will be to draft advertisements or posts that target this group of people.

Yet another way of getting a target audience is to use Face sniper. This is a site that allows you to generate the most passionate fans of a particular page. After you have determined the most active audience, you can further filter them based on their particular interests. Using such information will enable you to send posts and ads to different categories of people within your niche. Face sniper does all the heavy lifting involved with gathering a quality audience and leaves you at the top of your game. The benefit of investing in the services of Face sniper is that you are guaranteed of the fact that a huge percentage of your audience will turn into leads and later on sales.

Using Facebook for marketing your products and services is therefore an easy task if you follow the right procedure. Targeting an audience that is interested in your niche is the most effective way to generate income for your business or profession.